Tapichalaca Reserve
Tapichalaca reserve is an indispensable place for the conservation of 30 endemic orchid species that have been discovered within the reserve. Ecuador is home to over 14% of the world’s 30,000 orchid species.
Location: Huanacambamba depression, Andes, Ecuador.
Coordinates: 4°29’43.39″S 79°7’55.14″W
Total Size: 4,675 hectares
Conservation Partner: Fundación Jocotoco created this reserve in 1998 to protect the last remaining habitat of the Jocotoco Antpitta. This reserve is home to more than half of this species’ global population.
Biodiversity: Home for 800 species of plants and 343 types of birds recorded within the reserve. The Tapichalaca Tree Frog was discovered in 2001, and its distribution range is restricted to this reserve.
Deforestation Risk: This reserve is facing habitat loss due to the primary threat of agriculture and mining, together with road expansion and illegal hunting.
Annually sequestered carbon = 381 tonnes CO2e per Token®
1 IC® Token = 1 ha of tropical forest
Each IC®Token represents 50 years of carbon and biodiversity rights linked to a unique hectare. Token does not represent land ownership.
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